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When the haven store first opened just before Christmas in 2012, my sister Jenny and I had been desperately searching for a small retail space in Brighton to launch our fledgling homewares business. Not having found one, we held onto our vision and ploughed on, trusting the universe! We had a launch evening in Jen’s home and amazingly, not long after found our little space at 628 Hampton Street Brighton. Jen’s beautiful dog Hudson came to check it out with us. None of us liked the red concrete floor!


Over the next few months we started to meet so many wonderful new customers, delighted that a homewares store had opened in their local village.


It was around this time that we started our move into interiors consulting as more and more customers began asking for help with their homes and interiors projects.

And then several months later around the time of our third Christmas began the reinvention of the store…..

For three months I worked from home, doing interiors consulting as we were unable to trade from 628 while the building was being redeveloped. This was a challenging time, and then when we finally saw the new space we fell in love with it! And so did our clients.

It was easily three times the size of our original pop up shop, and with the courtyard garden, was a large space for us to fill. We had less homewares on display and more designer cushions, fabrics, furniture and catalogues. And as our interiors business grew how easily we filled the space with more fabric swatches, floor rugs, lamps, custom cushions, bedroom concepts and designer pieces.

CJ and JS

It was at the five year mark that the business was focused solely on consulting and styling, my sister moved on to new business and writing opportunities, and I relocated from the store to a studio consulting suite in St Andrews Street Brighton. (Claire on the left; Jen on the right.)


And so began the next five year chapter of haven’s story! When you are next at the Pantry look out across the road above Brighton Travelworld, where you will see the haven signage on the window and most likely a bunch of flowers on the sideboard!

The haven space has changed, but sign up for regular issues of the haven style files so we can stay in touch.

If you want to know how I can help you create the perfect cushions, source new lamps, or find the perfect fabric, then please pop up and say hello or give me a call or email.

Whatever the need, you will always be welcome and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Love, Claire xx